The Oregon Trail Today

A Photojournalistic Project inspired by the Oregon Trail

Covered Wagons, Public Domain photograph

Bringing the Oregon Trail to You!
Photojournals and more for you to explore
The Oregon Trail Today project was inspired by the mystique of the Oregon Trail and an enjoyment of the Photographic arts.  The concept was born with parentage traceable to Facebook photography interest groups like "Lost in Oregon" and "Forgotten Oregon."  Inspired by the photography of the hundreds of paricipants in those groups Jim Varner determined to find a way to bring those resources into a public outreach project to entertain, educate and inspire.  

Contributors (we sometimes call them Trail Hands) explore the Oregon Trail taking pictures and recording their unique thoughts in photojournals.  The group members decide which photojournals are the best of the best that will be included in the Oregon Trail Today Project  Wagon Train Gallery outreach program.

The outreach program of the Oregon Trail Today Project is to bring the best of the photojournal experience to schools, museums, senior centers and other public places where students and visitors can witness the Oregon Trail as it exists today.

1923 80th Anniversary Medal
Image courtesy of Rocky Barnes

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